The Trio


Dimensions: The glass size of the frame is 20 x 8 inches. The total size of the frame is dependent on the wide moulding chosen. The frame is 2.75 inches deep.

This frame is available in any of our Wide Mouldings. Click here to view our range.

One of our most popular frames for brides! ‘The Trio’ is an elegant way to display your bouquet, partner’s flowers and a photo of the Big Day

This frame is wonderfully versatile in that it can be made in either landscape or portrait orientation. We can also use a combination of three different elements – from bouquets, buttonholes and photos. We work with your design preferences to create a stunning, unique piece for your home.

Rather than having your whole bouquet on show, ‘The Trio’ involves scaling your arrangement down to display a small selection of your different flowers; perfect therefore for both posy or teardrop bouquets.

A timeless layout and design which you will love for many years to come


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