The Large Teardrop


Dimensions: The glass size of the frame is 26 x 13 inches. The total size of the frame is dependent on the wide moulding chosen. The frame is 2.75 inches deep.

This frame is available in any of our Wide Mouldings.  Click here to view our range.

This frame is a statement piece which will look stunning in any home! Perfect for larger teardrop or waterfall bouquets, the frame really allows you to showcase your wedding day flowers!

This is one of our larger frames on offer, which can be adapted to also include a buttonhole, plaque or trailing ribbon from your bouquet.

The ‘Large Teardrop’ frame is perfect for traditional wedding bouquets where the shape and size is particularly significant. Many couples love having a close representation of how their bouquet looked on the day, and this frame certainly ensures your flowers are centre stage.


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