The Memento with Photo


Dimensions: The glass size of each frame is 5.5 x 5.5 inches. The total size of the frame is dependent on the narrow moulding chosen. This is a hinged frame, where the depth of frame is 2.75 inches for the flower box.

This frame is available in any of our Narrow Mouldings (except the Narrow Elegant White) Click here to view our range.

The perfect gift! This frame is our most popular choice as a Thank You for those special people; from parents to bridesmaids!

This frame allows for a small selection of your beautiful flowers to be displayed alongside your chosen photograph. This frame sits on a surface, making it perfect for a bookcase, window sill or bedside table.

Often this frame is chosen in conjunction with the main bridal frame.

We simply need some additional flower arrangements from your day to enable us to create this wonderful memento.

This frame is also perfect for those looking to keep just a small selection of flowers from their day, rather than having a full representation.


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