The Keepsake


Dimensions: The glass size of the frame is 7.5 x 5.5 inches. The total size of the frame is dependent on the narrow moulding chosen. The frame is 2.75 inches deep.

This frame is available in any of our Narrow Mouldings. Click here to view our range.

An ideal frame to display a small selection of flowers from your day. We can also include a personalised plaque should you desire.

This is a very versatile frame as we can use it to lovingly display a small selection of flowers, a single flower or a buttonhole.

This frame is a wonderful option for times where you may only have a few flowers to display, or if you prefer to keep your design minimal.

The ‘Keepsake’ frame can either be rested on top of a surface; or hung on a wall – whichever suits you best!


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