• It is The Clients responsibility to ensure that the flowers arrive to us in the best possible condition. The FPH cannot beheld responsible for any damage caused to your flowers whilst they arein transit via any Third Party.
  • Flowers delivered to The FPH are inspected and assigned a condition rating as to their preservation quality. By signing the rating box, The Client, or their Representative agrees to the rating that has been assigned.
  • It is an unavoidable consequence of the preservation process, that flowers change colour and take on a vintage appearance. Despite all best efforts of The FPH, the colour and appearance of the flowers will be different from how they were on the day of the event. The FPH will colour enhance flowers and foliage to minimise these changes. During preservation, some flowers, berries and foliage could be prone to shrinkage.
  • There will be an element of artistic interpretation employed during the making of the pictures.
  • Any bespoke alteration to our standard frames (over 8 x 6 in size) will incur a charge of £30
  • The picture(s) will be displayed/kept in temperate/dry conditions out of direct sunlight. Despite the use of conservation glass in the frames, over time, there may be a slight mellowing in the colour of certain flowers.
  • The FPH cannot be held responsible for the loss/damage of your flowers whilst in its care due to fire, flood, storm, civil disorder, loss of electricity, flood, or any other event beyond our control. Please note that The FPH’s liability is strictly limited to the amount of money that The Client has paid.


  • A minimum payment of 50% of the total order cost will be due when the frame(s) are chosen and the frame order is processed. The remaining balance must be paid on, or prior, to the day of collection of the completed work.

THE PICTURES (Process timing, Collection arrangements and Consequences; and, Transit Damage)

  • The FPH will endeavour to complete orders within a 20-24 week time frame but this timescale is not guaranteed. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond the control of The FPH, this timeframe has to be extended.
  • When The FPH has contacted The Client to inform them that their order is ready for collection, The Client has 28 days in which to make collection/payment arrangements with The FPH. Failure to comply will result in the picture(s) remaining the property of The FPH. The Client will still be liable for the payment of the final balance.
  • The FPH cannot take responsibility for any particles which come loose, or for any breakages or damages that may occur to your picture(s) whilst in transit with The Client or a Third Party.
  • If The Client is dissatisfied with their order, they must notify The FPH within 7 days so that any problems can be reasonably addressed. 


  • The Client’s personal data is never shared or passed on to any Third Party. The Client will only be contacted by The FPH in relation to their order and not for other marketing purposes. The Client’s personal data relating to their order is stored on a secure personal business computer which is only access by The Director. When The Client’s order has been completed and collected, their paperwork is securely filed and kept in a locked filing cabinet. It is kept for seven years in order to be compliant with HMRC auditing requirements.
  • Unless stating to the contrary, The Client agrees that, after collection, images of their work could appear on social media sites such as The FPH Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.