Sending your flowers by post

Step-by-step Guide Step

Step 1:

You will need the following items to package your flowers safely

  • A large box
  • Newspaper
  • Damp kitchen roll or cloth
  • Kitchen foil or sandwich bag
  • Strong tape, or parcel tape
  • Marker pen
  • Paper to write your details on
  • Pop up cardboard vase (optional)

Step 2:

Simply line the base of your box with dry, scrunched newspaper or magazine. Please do not use bubble wrap or plastic as this can cause your flowers to sweat.

Step 3:

If your bouquet is a hand tied, please cut a small amount off the bottom of the stems. Place damp kitchen roll at the base of the stems and then place inside the sandwich bag or kitchen foil to ensure the water does not leak out. It does not matter if your ribbon gets wet, though please do remove sentimental items such as a locket or photo. Place this safely in another bag at the top of the box so that we can see it clearly.

Step 4:

Whether you have a hand tied or shower bouquet, carefully place your flowers on top of the dry, scrunched newspaper. If you are choosing to use a pop-up cardboard vase, simply place your flower stems inside.

Step 5:

Continue to carefully fill the box and cover the flowers with more dry, scrunched newspaper. If you are including any buttonholes, corsages or spare flowers, please make sure these are not too hidden, and please do make us aware that they are in the box – they can be easy to miss!

Step 6:

Please write your details on a piece of paper and place it on top of the newspaper before you close and seal the lid. Include your name, contact number, email address, postal address and any other notes you may think are relevant.

Step 7:

Using parcel tape, please seal your box, mark it as Fragile and This Way Up and then address it to: The Flower Preservation House, 21 Greencroft, Ashford, Kent, TN23 5LG

Step 8:

Take it along to your local post office and ask for Next Day Delivery, guaranteed to arrive before 1pm the following day. You will need to have it at your post office no later than 5pm. The cost of sending your flowers will depend on the size of the box, though usually the cost is between £11- £20

Step 9:

We always recommend that completed pictures are collected personally from the studio. However, if you live further afield, or you are not able to travel to the studio, at an additional cost of £40 to you, we can arrange for a nationwide courier to deliver your order. This however is at your own risk, as although we securely package all orders, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the condition in which the parcel will arrive.