My event has already taken place – am I too late?

Not necessarily! We regularly take delivery of flowers up to a week after an event. If you have not booked your preservation space, please do contact us before sending/delivering any flowers to the studio – this is to ensure we have availability and because visits to the studio are by appointment only. 

How quickly after the event do you need my flowers, and how do I get them to you?

We love to work with flowers when they are as fresh as possible. Usually we ask for flowers to be delivered, or posted to the studio a day or two after the event. But please do contact us even if the event happened up to a week ago, as it may be possible to still work with some flowers.

You can either deliver the flowers in person to the studio (by prior appointment), or if you live further afield, you can post them to the studio using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Please click here for more details on how to package flowers for posting.

Before sending any flowers to the studio, please do contact us to ensure we have availability.

I do not live locally to your studio, can I still use your services?

Yes you can!

We would always recommend flowers be hand delivered, and the finished pictures be collected in person from the studio. However, if this is not possible due to travelling distance, please click here for details about how to post your fresh flowers to us.

If you live too far to collect your finished picture in person, providing your chosen frame is of a smaller size (and not a memory box, due to their extreme fragile nature) we can, at your own risk, arrange to have your picture sent back to you via Royal Mail at a cost of around £20. We always do our utmost to package the pictures securely, but as with all postage and courier services, we sadly cannot guarantee the condition in which the pictures will arrive.

What happens to my flowers once they have been delivered?

We take a lot of care once we are in receipt of your flowers. It is very important to us to make a note of any specific details such as how any ribbon/lace may be wrapped or tied, if you have any sparkles in specific flowers, how a locket may be positioned on the stems – as these can all be included in your final picture! We take our time making notes, taking detailed photographs and measurements about the size and dimension of the original arrangement so we know what sized frame to recommend during your frame consultation

Once we are happy with our notes, we carefully deconstruct the arrangement so that we can preserve each flower and piece of greenery separately. Your flowers will then remain in preservation until the end of the process.

Are there any flowers which do not preserve at all, or do not preserve well?

Yes – unfortunately, succulents do not preserve. This is because they are made almost entirely of water; therefore, once they have been through the preservation process, they no longer resemble the original plant. We have had success in using artificial succulents in their place, and the pictures have turned our beautifully.

Most other flowers preserve well, though tulips, daffodils, muscari, lily of the valley and forget-me-not are very fragile to work with. Sunflowers can be preserved but they have the tendency of being a little temperamental. We would need to have a discussion if any of the above flowers are in your arrangement.

Berries do preserve, but shrink in size; again, because they are made almost entirely of water. If berries make up a large part of your arrangement, we may suggest working with artificial.

Please contact us for advice if you have any of the above flowers in your arrangement.

Do the flowers change colour?

A little, yes. The process of preserving flowers involves removing any water from the petals. A slight colour change is a completely natural and expected part of the process; for example white flowers will become a little creamier in colour and red flowers become deeper and darker.

As part of our service, we include colour enhancement of all flowers and greenery. We work closely with our original notes and photographs to create a close colour match to how your flowers looked on the day the flowers came into the studio.

Can you simply preserve my flowers without framing them?

Sadly no, we cannot – we offer a preservation and framing service as once flowers have been preserved, they need to be encased to ensure they do not start to reabsorb the moisture in the atmosphere.

I’m not sure what frame or layout I want to go for, when do I need to decide this?

There is no urgent hurry to decide on your frame size, layout or moulding. What usually happens is that we will contact you around one month after your event to arrange a frame consultation.

Where possible, we will invite you to the studio to see our sample frames in our consultation room. It’s great to get a feel for the size of each frame and see the moulding options up close. If a visit isn’t possible due to travelling distance, we will arrange a suitable time to discuss your options either over the phone or via email. Our ‘Products’ and ‘Frame Mouldings and Information’ pages are a great starting place to get some initial ideas

Is there scope to design a new layout that suits my needs?

Absolutely! We work with a fantastic local framer who handmakes each and every frame – meaning you end up with a truly bespoke, lovingly created piece for your home. Although we have lots of styles on offer, sometimes, our clients have their own great ideas on how to create their final picture! We will guide you through the framing process, and will be honest if an idea won’t work; but where possible, we can design a really special frame, just for you.

Can you create more than one picture using my flowers? I like the idea of giving a memento frame as a gift

Absolutely! We always encourage clients to provide more flowers than you may think are needed. Our memento frames make wonderful, treasured gifts for family members and friends. So long as we have sufficient flowers to create the pictures, that’s all that matters!

Often clients will bring us a bridesmaid bouquet, or table decoration to be used as ‘spare’ flowers. You will only be charged for the size/number of frames you choose, as the preservation cost is built into this amount – so if we end up not using all the flowers, it’s not a problem!

How long do orders take to complete?

On average orders take around 7 months to complete. It takes this long as the flowers need sufficient time to preserve and your custom frame also needs to be handmade.

*Since Brexit, my framer occasionally has trouble with stock levels from Europe, therefore it may be possible that your order takes a little longer than expected. If this is the case, I will keep you updated* 

How does payment work? Do you charge a booking fee or require a deposit?

We do not require any booking fee or deposit. We understand how important your flowers are, so we would hate for cost to make it difficult for you to go ahead with the service

Payment works in the following way. We require a deposit which equates to 50% of your order total when you order your frames, which is usually within a couple of months of the event. The final balance is then paid on collection/delivery of your final picture.

What is included in the price of the service?

The cost includes the expert preservation of all flowers bought to us, your bespoke handmade frame, colour enhancement of your flowers and the creation of your final picture.

How long will my keepsake last?

Provided the piece is well looked after, and our care advice is followed, there is no reason you cannot be enjoying your flowers for many years to come. Our best indication that our work is still as beautiful as they day it left the studio is that we have a lot of personal recommendations, often years apart. It’s a pleasure to preserve two or three sibling’s wedding flowers and to be involved with the same family for a number of years

I would like to buy this service for a wedding present – do you have gift vouchers available?

Yes we do! Our service makes a wonderful gift for the bride and groom. Our gift vouchers come in any denomination, to suit you. Please contact us for more information!